Aquarooms Christmas dates

Christmas Closure 2015

Our last day for orders to be processed in 2015 is Friday 18th December.

We re-open on Monday 4th January 2016*

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas and hope that the new year brings you health, happiness and lots of orders!



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TOTO presents its latest washlet toilet at IHS

TOTO chose the Independent Hotel Show (IHS) to launch its latest washlet toilet which features the company’s patented self-cleaning technology – a real hygienic benefit for bathrooms that poses obvious benefits for the luxury hotel market.

The Neorest AC Washlet features a toilet bowl coated with a special zirconium coating. The hydrophilic properties of this coating ensure that waste and bacteria are effectively eliminated, making a toilet brush unnecessary, says TOTO.

Once the lid is shut, the UV light integrated in the lid combines with the zirconium coating to trigger a decomposition process of the waste particles on the surface. Prior to the first use, the Washlet sprays the toilet bowl with water. Once the toilet is flushed, the Washlet sprays the bowl with electrolysed water (TOTO’s exclusive ewater+). This water has an antibacterial effect that prevents waste from accumulating.

The flush is the focal point of any hygienic toilet says TOTO. It needs to completely clean the entire bowl without leaving any residue behind. At the same time, it should not produce any spray or mist that could contaminate the surroundings with infectious carriers. TOTO’s powerful Tornado Flush is standard on all WC models. These high-powered jets create a whirlpool of water with strong downward suction, preventing any spray or mist from forming. The rimless design and extremely smooth special CeFiOnTect glaze make it practically impossible for bacteria, germs and waste to accumulate.

An investment in TOTO Washlet and toilets pay off in a very short period of time, says the company. The outstanding quality and high standards of hygiene considerably reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Aquarooms Of Barnet Free Bathroom Planing Guide

Down Load Our Free Bathroom Planing Guide

I will walk you Through,  Bathroom Design, Equipment Choice, Choosing the correct suppliers ,How to create a list of works, What to ask, How to appoint the Right  Fitters, Protecting your investment, And more

My name is Grant Bliben And for over 32 years I have been involved in the bathroom industry. Many things have changed in that time except for the need of quality materials
and true craftsmanship. Now I’m providing this information to you. It is my goal to provide
you with a free comprehensive guide that will take you through the entire process from start to finish and answer all questions. Plus help everyone achieve the best possible results.


ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 11 11.14



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World-renowned, award-winning designer Dick Powell is the visionary behind Dea, the new range of bathroom ceramics

World-renowned, award-winning designer Dick Powell is the visionary behind Dea, the new luxury range of bathroom ceramics and furniture. Design innovation, he believes, is all about making life better. When it came to reinventing the modern bathroom, Powell’s objective was to create a more human, ‘emotionally satisfying’ environment. In moving on from the last decade’s trend for angular, minimalist bathrooms to Dea’s softer, more flowing look and feel, he is offering an even more pleasurable experience. His inspiration? You. What matters about design, he says, is ‘how someone feels when they interact with it’ – what he calls the ‘emotional ergonomics’. For a bathroom to make the user feel truly pampered, style must be matched by performance. Dea’s forward-looking, sensuous design delivers the ideal combination of premium quality and aesthetics, total comfort and exceptional functionality. Powell has left no detail to chance. From materials to technology, sophisticated ceramics to clever storage, every element has been carefully thought through for maximum elegance and ease of use.

Your bathroom is your most personal space. It’s the sanctuary you seek when you need to refresh, revive or relax. We believe that you should always emerge with a feeling of physical and emotional wellbeing. Recent design trends have accustomed us to a cool, angular aesthetic in the home – but the future is warmer and softer. It’s time to put the emotion back into our surroundings. Curved yet controlled, inviting yet elegantly poised, Dea’s beautiful lines offer a perfect balance of chic, high-end design and pure pleasure. Choosing and using your Dea bathroom is a holistic experience, as every element works with you and for you to create an atmosphere of complete serenity.



Real beauty isn’t skin deep. Dea’s high style is matched by the high performance of every piece

When you fall for Dea’s sophisticated, soft styling, you can trust that every aspect of every piece has been carefully considered to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. The Dea range reflects how you like to function. Body-friendly rounded corners and slim rims; integrated ambient lighting; a Bluetooth sound system built in to mirrors; ingenious, spacious storage options to organise your basin area: it all adds up to an easy, uncluttered space with an air of calm indulgence.



If you’re a connoisseur of contemporary design, use sculptural showpieces from the Dea range to emphasise the high-end, cutting-edge chic of your bathroom

Every soft-edged, harmonious piece in the Dea range is a contemporary design classic, but this dramatically tall totem basin deserves iconic status. Cast all in one piece, it creates a striking focal point that proclaims your appreciation of innovative modern design. Dea may be a work of art, but it’s not just for staring at: it’s a pleasure to use too. Our basins are conveniently deep as well as decorative, and their generous decks allow ample space for your brush, bottles and other accessories. Beauty with brains: that’s our definition of pure, uncompromising luxury.

Displays on there way see it first at Aquarooms  Call for more details 020 8440 1106

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The Union Bath in Glass Mosaic £27,000

The Union Bath in Glass Mosaic

Over 20,000 individually hand-cut pieces of glass mosaic laid on to an enamelled cast iron bath.

24 carat gold plated feet

a painstaking 3 months of precision handcraft work resulted in this stunning centrepiece

These baths are made-to order by our artist to suit the client’s individual requirements, whether it be a Coat of Arms or family crest or a special scene to compliment your Bathroom.

The mosaics can be applied to almost any bath with a rim.

Prices are quoted on an individual basis depending on the complexity of the image to be applied.

For More Details Call Aquarooms 020 8440 1106

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Stunning Fiora In Touch Display to clear 4 Piece Set in Purple Save 60%

Stunning Fiora In Touch Display to clear 4 Piece Set in Purple inc 1000 wall hung vanity unit IHMERC04

Stunning Fiora In Touch Display to clear 4 Piece Set in Purple inc 1000 wall hung vanity unit IHMERC04Stunning Fiora In Touch Display to clear 4 Piece Set in Purple inc 1000 wall hung vanity  unit

1000 x 480deep x 570mm High In Touch Vanity unit Code: IHMERC04 RRP £1424.40
1010 x 480 deep White Smooth Vanity Top Code: IEIRL04 RRP £730.80
600 X 700 high x 320 deep double door wall unit IHCA702 RRP £753.60
1000 X 700 high Framed Mirror Textured IHEET04 RRP £494.40
1800 high x 500 Heated Towel rail RRP £1494.00


NOW £2000.00  Visit our web site for more details

or visit our showroom Call Aquarooms 020 8440 1106


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Toto rimless toilets and Tornado Flush ‘superior’ to conventional toilets, says research

Research has revealed that Toto’s CF toilet, which launches in the UK this month, offers superior hygiene levels compared with conventional toilets.

Environmental medical specialist Dr Klaus-Dieter Zastrow conducted tests on Toto’s CF CW132Y toilet with VC130 seat, along with the NC series CW762Y toilet, to evaluate the hygiene levels of rimless toilets compared with conventional WCs. The research looked at the level of cleanliness after flushing, the antibacterial effect of ceramic surfaces, and the tolerance of cleaning and disinfection products.

The Toto toilets tested have a rimless design and include the Tornado Flush, which the Japanese bathroom manufacturer said has a ‘strong downward suction, preventing any spray or mist from forming’.

The report concluded that the Toto toilets were ‘superior to the conventional toilet with rim and flush’. It said that when equipped with the Tornado Flush, the rimless toilets protected against the spread of intestinal germs, adding: ‘The Toto rimless CW762Y and CW132Y toilets completely meet the standards of hospital hygiene and infection prevention’.

When the conventional toilet was tested, applied microorganisms were found on the floor underneath it, as well as in nearby areas, while spray droplets were also visible. The research team did not detect any spray droplets or test germs when evaluating the hygiene levels of the Toto toilets.

The company said the “outstanding quality and high standards of hygiene” in its toilets can reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. article. 27th May 2014, 04:30pm

Aquarooms are official Toto dealers call 0208 440 1106 for more details

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Villeroy & Boch DirectFlush – The new generation of rimless toilets. A perfect design for the highest degree of cleanliness

DirectFlush – The new generation of rimless toilets. A perfect design for the highest degree of cleanliness

Thanks to the innovative rimless design, DirectFlush WCs can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly – for quintessential hygiene. It can be hard to clean under the rim of a standard toilet as the toilet brush and cleaning agent do not reach everywhere.


DirectFlush – the advantages at a glance:


  • Easy care and immaculate cleaning
    thanks to the rimless design
  • The total interior of the bowl is completely flushed
  • Precise, splash-free flow of water in the toilet right up to the level directly below the rimn


  • Attractive and timeless design
  • Can easily be incorporated into any bathroom
  • Invisible fixation system for the Subway 2.0 ceramics collection Subway 2.0


  • Ideal water flow for maximum flushing effect
  • Water-saving, with a flushing volume of only 3 or 4.5 liters


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Sir Stirling Moss selects Matki

Formula 1 legend Sir Stirling Moss says has been “very pleased” with the service he received from Matki when he picked its EauZone Plus Bespoke Sliding Door enclosure for his new bathroom.

While renovating the bathroom on the third floor of his multimillion-pound Mayfair townhouse, the former racing car driver turned to Matki to provide a bespoke showering solution.

“When I decided to update my bathroom, I naturally looked around for the best of everything,” said Moss. “Matki certainly didn’t disappoint, and their EauZone Plus Sliding Door enclosure set off the new look perfectly. It came in exactly the size I wanted and works really well with its surroundings. They responded swiftly to my enquiry and I am very pleased with their service and the end result.”

To See Matki Products Visit Aquarooms Showroom Barnet Herts

 KBB Daily 2nd May 2014, 07:03am
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Keuco launch New Products for 2014

Keuco, in 2014, is launching some new products to complement their existing collections. Unique showering and bath solutions are being increased with yet more glass finishes for Me Time; our theme of mix and match is extending into Edition 11 and Royal 60; new trendy glass finishes are being unveiled for Edition 11 and finally more ingenious and functional items are introduced into the Keuco world of accessories.

MeTime Collection is enhanced by the introduction of 3 new glass finishes:

Keuco’s MeTime shower valves are unique, offering innovative design and technical know-how, integrating accessories and valves. The choice of glass finishes has now been extended to feature matt white, matt cashmere and a gloss cashmere – perfectly complementing our Edition 11, Royal Universe and Royal Reflex bathroom furniture.

Endless design possibilities – Mix & Match from Keuco:

Since the introduction of Keuco fine-fireclay ceramic basins we now offer a wide variety of options from cast-mineral to ceramic and seamless varicor washtops for the very discerning client. It is now possible to choose a ceramic basin from Edition 11 with a Royal 60 vanity unit, or one from Royal 60 to go with an Edition 11 vanity unit.

3 new glass finishes added to Edition 11 bathroom furniture:

When it comes to furniture in the bathroom, glass fronts are clearly the trend and with Royal Reflex, Royal Universe and of course Edition 11, Keuco has plenty to offer. Natural and light colours are very popular, leading us to introduce 3 new glass finishes in Edition 11. These are a matt white, matt cashmere and gloss cashmere finish. We will update sample boxes in showrooms, taking the total of front finishes available in Edition 11 to 15, including structured lacquers, real wood veneers and glass.

Useful and functional – new accessories :

They are often looked upon as the finishing touch, the embellishment of the bathroom theme. And yet, on closer inspection they are highly practical and, far from being an embellishment, they are fundamental to a fully functional bathroom environment.

From shower baskets to guest towel holders and free-standing WC-brush sets…’s all in the detail!

for more details call Aquarooms 020 8440 1106


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