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shower glass care kit

As we all know a new bathroom is wonderful , and (fingers crossed) you have enjoyed many a pleasurable hour luxuriating in it’s peaceful surroundings, but like all new things they can soon loose their ‘spick and span’ look and feel.

Here’s where SaniWow! Comes in…Ta Da!

It is a Dutch product originally manufactured to combat the harsh winters and keep the exterior of buildings looking their best through battering winds and snow! Whilst we are in no way suggesting that the interior of your bathroom or home suffers these harsh climactic changes, the bathroom especially gets bombarded daily with limescale-heavy water, temperature changes and bacteria and dirt that naturally gets eschewed from the body when we wash. Especially where glass and ceramics are concerned, because of the microscopic pores (which can look as extreme as hills and valleys under minute inspection) invisible to the human eye, items can begin to loose their sparkle very quickly.

SaniWow! consists of specific cleaners and protectors designated for areas within your bathroom, and indeed throughout your home.

These areas are: Glass: Ceramics: Wood: Grout: Stone: Acrylic: Chrome & Stainless Steel: Whirlpool.

The range offers varying degrees of protection with the highest level of defence provided by the Glass & Ceramics Range which use Nano Technology in the protectors. This means that all those microscopic pores can first be cleaned of limescale and germs and then treated to prevent those nasties lodging again. It does this by cleaning and ‘filling in’ those hills and valleys making sure that when water hits the surface it can glide off taking the nasties with it. It can be re-activated by regular use of the cleaner alone.

Ok so it doesn’t reapply itself and will need to be done once you notice that water doesn’t run off without smearing, this can vary from between 3 – 12 months depending on frequency of use.

In short any glass, even your windows, and many surfaces in your house can be cleaned and then protected against bacteria and/or limescale deposits by following the 3 step programme. For hard or ‘baked on’ limescale deposits we offer an initial treatment product called Lift Off which brings the surface back to it’s original state, after which you can follow the SaniWow Programme!

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