How to Kill a tap

How to Kill a tap

Picture of customer’s new Hansgrohe tap after less than 3 months old !.

I was recently called to a customers house to check her taps for discoloration to be again amazed at what was in front of me. After some investigation it was found that ‘Limelight’ was used to clean the tap. Its not that we plumbers are top detectives, I normally open the vanity cupboard and out pops “Lime Lite , Mr Muscle” or some other wonder buster. These products are ok ish but you must thoroughly wash all traces off the tap after every use, if not death to the tap. I have also heard it said that my old taps where there for 20 years with no problem, I am not sure of the answer to that. Are new taps using less chrome, is the quality worse today, or, is it that we did not have availability to these tap killing cleaners in the shops, or maybe a combination of all three?

New taps don’t stay clean, more so in hard water areas where there are deposits of limescale and soap build up on the tap surface. The chrome on the tap will not be affected by this if cleaned and dried after every use.

But in this busy world we don’t all get the time to dry our taps after very use, It might be said that some men don’t even have time to dry their hands let alone dry a tap.

Manufacturers are very cautious in recommending cleaners, as there are some real nasties out there on the supermarket shelves waiting to attack those new taps, and normally resort to recommending that all brassware should be cleaned using only a soft cloth and washing up liquid and not to use abrasive cleaners.

This is fine if you clean the tap after use, but can be hard work if the tap has not been cleaned for a while. Once limescale builds up on the tap it will start to corrode the chrome from the tap and expose and pit the brass body. You will notice this first on the nozzle or outlet of the spout.

To remove scale which has hardened on the nozzle can be a bit tricky and you would need to use a knife or blade, but take care not to scratch the surface of the chrome. This should never be attempted on the main body or base of the tap. I have been using a product called “Lift Off” for years and it is a perfect product to bring life back to chrome taps. It should be applied with caution. To further protect and clean taps we use Saniwow chrome and protection cleaning products, the perfect non abrasive cleaning products to maintain the like “new” appearance of your brassware.

These products are available to purchase from our showroom

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