Wet room Q&A uncovered

Elements level access floor system

What is a wet room?


Building a wet room can be time consuming & difficult, with many complex issues to consider.  A wet room is a bathroom, or an area, where the shower is formed level with the surrounding floor. Normally the tray would be tiled


A.        A wet room or a tile-able shower tray.

The wet-room relies on a completely water-proof room, which is not difficult to achieve these days, even upstairs on chipboard sub-floors, however there does still remain a concern in some showroom manager’s minds about installing wet-rooms. If that concern is insurmountable a simple alternative is the low-level shower tray that can satisfy demand but uses the more familiar product mix of shower tray and enclosure.

Q.        What sorts of systems are available?

A.        There are many products on the market used for creating wet rooms, including the use of rubber matting under the tiles, fabric waterproof mat and even painting the floor underneath the tiles with a rubber based solution. You can even buy a drain that has to be sealed into a concrete floor and the falls have to be created by the Installer. All these systems are very limited as to where they can be fitted and totally rely on the installer’s expertise.

Q         Where can you fit Elements tile-able trays?

A         A tile-able tray can be used anywhere that normal or standard shower trays can be fitted.

Q         Can I have level or easy access tray if I have a wooden floor?

A         Yes as long as you can get the waste to run under floor boards and between the joists.

Q         How much will a level access tray add to my existing wooden floor height?

A         10 mm + the tile and adhesive bed. The tray area itself is recessed into the floor then 10mm Elements board is used to waterproof the rest of floor and to correct falls in preparation for tiling. In fact if you want to tile your bathroom floor the recommendation is to fit 18mm ply wood over the floor before tiling. So by using Elements board system only it will reduce the height at the door threshold by 8mm

Q         Can I have level access if I have a concrete floor?

A         Normally this would have to be done before the finish screed is placed over the concrete by  placing a 40mm tray and plumbing in the waste prior to finish screed.  You could cut out the concrete and do this but it is probably better to use one of Elements other systems.

Q         What if I can’t get the waste under the floor, ie concrete floor, wooden joist or steel beams in the way?

A         No Problem ! Elements have a tile-able tray system to suit all your needs. All the kits can be installed on either concrete or timber floors. To select the most suitable product you need to know whether the drain can be fitted below the floor or above, what type of floor it is to be installed to wooden or concrete. These simple questions answered will determine product suitability.

Q         Am I limited by the size of the room or tray?

A         No Elements have a large range of off the shelf sizes in stock and because it’s manufactured in the UK  they can custom create sizes within a short amount of time.

Q         Does the tray require any further waterproofing or protection before tiling?

A         No. All the trays are waterproof, you just apply the special tapes  and adhesives around the tray joints and walls to create a totally tanked system.

Q.        Can I waterproof the walls ?

A         Yes Elements has a massive range of products Including wall boarding  Tile-able bath panels, basin stands, full shower enclosures, basins, baths, pipe boxings and more!!!!

Q         What are the benefits of Elements and Why Elements

  • Light and easy to handle
  • High structural compressive strength
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Waterproof properties
  • Thermal insulation
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Structural stability & bonding strength to tiles
  • Ability to fix or bond to any surface
  • Recommended for use with electric under tile heating
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Made in the UK

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