Villeroy Boch Bathrooms stops online sales

As a Villeroy Boch Showroom and reburishing 12 bays in our showroom with the latest Villeroy Boch tiles and bathrooms

we salute you.

Villeroy Boch are the first Bathroom Manufacturer to stop internet and online selling in the UK so you can no longer sell their products online.

There is a lot of misunderstanding as to why Villeroy Boch are doing this and like other companies that have taken the same stance such as Playmobil, also a German company,  will they lose market value in the UK?

German toy brand Playmobil is deciding whether it will continue to refuse permission for online retailers to sell its products. “Our policy is officially not to allow online sales of our product in any country,” said Mark Beaman, Playmobil UK national account manager, who admitted it was difficult to police.

Other Companies are also trying to protect their brands such as fashion label Diesel, which has denied taking its products off sites to protect its image.

The problem lies within the very nature of online sales that they sell cheaper than the stores or the stores have to complete with the online prices which reduces profit margin.

Unless the Manufacturers take action eventually online stores will simply beat the competition until the bricks and mortar shops go out of business. See the problem? With no bricks and mortar stores displaying items there will be no new products to see and touch.

By removing products from the Internet this will not raise the price of the products as this is determined by the manufacturers’ competition.  If online sales are stopped it does not mean that the shops hold any monopoly over the products as they are independent traders and still in competition with each other but on a more even playing field.  If online sales go away, it means fair competition can come back.

Now that’s not all. This ban doesn’t mean that online stores will not go away. They just have to buy from different manufacturers.  Retailers should not be frightened by the internet and discount stores – its professional knowledge and customer service that counts.

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