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Aquarooms of Southgate have selected the “Little Greene Paint Company” to complement their expanding range of Homeware products. Now on display in the showroom is “Little Greene’s” full range of paint and wallpaper sample books. To make choosing your perfect colour easier Aquarooms also stock all colours in tester pots. When we asked Aquarooms why they have chosen the Little Greene range showroom manger Neil Appleyard said “the primary reason was the fact they are an independant, British paint manufacturer, who continue to act positively and responsibly to minimize their ecologocial impact without compromising of high quality standards”. In fact Aquarooms are now actively seeking to support quality British manufacturers in their ongoing attempts to minimise their carbon footprint. Neil says ” reducing our impact on the environment is very important to us but we also will maintain our reputation for quality products”.

With records dating back to the year 1773, the Little Greene Dye Works of Collyhurst Wood, on the outskirts ofManchester is one ofEngland’s most ancient industrial sites for the making of paints and dye solutions.

We are particularly proud of our paint’s depth of colour – undertones that subtly change in different lights, providing real character and definition: the more complex the pigmentation the more interesting the colour. This complex and profound formulation and unequalled depth of colour (with over 40% more pigment than many ordinary paints) is what really gives Little Greene paint a point of difference.

Little Greene wallpapers are a beautiful complement to the company’s paint palette. Each highly individual collection employs specialist printing methods on the finest grade papers, which gives the wallpapers their sophisticated textures, elegant appearance, durability and longevity.

English Heritage Paint – Historic Paint and Period Colours English Heritage exists to protect and promote England’s spectacular historic environment and ensure that its past is researched and understood.  By employing some of the country’s best architects, archaeologists and historians, they aim to help people understand and appreciate why the historic buildings and landscapes around them matter.

English Heritage has over 400 sites in its care which are open to the public, including historic buildings, monuments, battlefields, parks and gardens and archaeological remains. In addition English Heritage has an advisory role to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in the listing of buildings inEngland.

Click here for the English Heritage website

The English Heritage Colours in the Little Greene paint collections are the result of combined research to discover the true historical colours used over several key periods in historic decoration from early Georgian right up to the 1950s. They are clearly marked and there is a key to the period from which they hail.

Environmentally Friendly Paint and Eco Friendly Wallpaper

At Little Greene they have always been committed to the ongoing well-being and protection of the world environment and in 2004 we were one of the firstUKpaint manufacturers to achieve the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001. From big business decisions to the smallest everyday tasks, we continue to act positively and responsibly to minimize our ecological impact, without compromising our high quality standards.

Water based paints

All our waterbased paints carry the industry’s lowest eco-rating, with VOC content now virtually zero. This means you don’t need to worry about solvent contributions to the atmosphere or any respiratory issues, or the smell; they are virtually odourless.

Oil Based Paints

Oil based paints are traditionally favoured because of their renowned longevity and superb finish. Purists need not fear; Little Greene oil based paints have been reformulated with sustainable vegetable oils to dramatically reduce VOC content and odour.


The paper used in our wallpapers comes from FSC or PEFC certificated sustainable forests; so for every tree used another four are planted. The pigments used to print them are completely non-toxic and our excellent wallpaper paste contains no solvent.


Our paint tins are made using over 50% recycled steel and can be recycled again, and all our paperwork is printed on recycled or sustainably sourced paper. We are continually developing our packaging and warehousing procedures to increase the content of recycled and recyclable material and have achieved waste reduction of 57% in the last three years.


Safe For Children

We offer the safest choices for decorating children’s rooms and furniture. Our acrylic Matt Emulsion and Acrylic Eggshell paints have been tested to European Standard BS EN 71-3:1995, also known as ‘Toy Paint Regulations’ – these are proven safe from toxic metals.

Local Manufacturing

All our paints and wallpapers are manufactured in the UK and we actively source from suppliers who can match our commitment to local industries. We’re dedicated to minimizing pollution, energy consumption and distribution overheads whilst supporting the local business community.

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