Come and Try Our Working Tap in Southgate Grohe Blue Filtered, chilled and sparkling.

Grohe Blue Filtered, chilled and sparkling.

Still or sparkling? With GROHE Blue®2 the choice is yours. The latest innovative version of GROHE Blue® enables you to draw perfectly prepared, filtered water that is chilled to perfection and carbonated – direct from your kitchen faucet.

GROHE Blue®2 ensures there’s great-tasting, refreshingly-cooled water to suit everybody’s taste buds, be it still, semi sparkling or fully carbonated. And as there is now no need to carry heavy bottles of mineral water back from the supermarket it’s kind to the environment too.

GROHE Blue 2Bringing variety and convenience to the kitchen, GROHE Blue®2 unites a modern designer faucet with a revolutionary high-performance filter plus a chiller and carbonator. The three-step handle is effortless to use and features a colored LED display to show the level of carbonation selected.

Finished in glistening GROHE StarLight® chrome, the faucet features two independent waterways – one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water, which can be drawn using the separate lever handle.

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