Water is one of the most important natural resources. No wonder Duravit pays high attention to the development of water-saving products.

Saving water is a main objective for us to create sustainable products. Did you know that Duravit offers toilets that flush hygienically using just six, four and a half or even less liters of water?

Duravit toilets, here a WC of the Vero series, help to save water.

How is this possible? Our engineers have harmonised the geometry of the body of the toilet with the flushing volume. Combined with modern water-saving technologies the result is incredible. Using Dual-Flush, for example, can help to save up to 17.000 litres of water per year in a household of four. This amount equals approximately 100 fillings of a standard Happy D bathtub.

Architec Dry and McDry bring water-

A sealing liquid prevents unpleasant odours in McDry (left). The siphon of the Architec Dry urinal is sealed by a membrane.

saving to the max: both urinals don’t need water at all. Architec Dry features an

innovative combination of a membrane which only opens when urine passes through and a cover with a gel ring on the underside. McDry bases on a different principle: it contains a purely plant-based and thus biodegradable sealing liquid which is lighter than urine. In both cases unpleasant odours are effectively prevented while flushing isn’t necessary at all.

As you can see, saving water is not a big deal. Take advantage of Duravit’s sustainable products that suite both private bathrooms and public spaces.


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