New bathroom furniture collection from KEUCO

The new bathroom furniture range has  proved to be a winner with both the public and a growing number of KEUCO customers. Introduced to a wider audience back in March of this year it has gone down a storm and already it is flexing its muscle to become a really big hit in the market.Royal Reflex is a well designed  furniture range, offering a wide range of different sizes of vanity arrangements, able to provide  solutions for cloakrooms, smaller bathrooms or en-suite shower rooms by offering 500 or 650mm wide vanity units and basins.  On the other side of the spectrum it is equally at home in larger bathrooms with vanity units  available from 800-1300mm in width.

Undoubtedly one of the main features of this collection is the choice of really trendy front finishes such as truffle or magnolia which sparkle behind a glass-fronted door or pull-out drawer. The entire collection offers glass fronts thus elevating the furniture to reflect a quality standard that has become synonymous with the KEUCO brand.Royal Reflex offers extremely good value for money, something that is not least appreciated by the buying public as many are looking for that little bit extra without necessarily wanting to compromise on the quality aspect.

 Royal Reflex – a real winner flexing its muscle!-

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