Art Weger all in one bath shower Twinline2 the perfect answer to small Bathrooms


This is a feeling many are familiar with: More comfort in the bathroom would be nice but the one we have is not really old enough to be renovated yet. However, when you think about it one small change could lead to a completely new ambience in your bathroom.
Most bathrooms in the UK are very small and have either a shower or a bathtub. It is rare that they have room for both. With creative bathroom design however, that can now be remedied – and very quickly. It is so simple: The old bathtub is taken out and replaced by a TWINLINE 2, the trendsetting combination of a shower and a bathtub.
It combines a comfortable bathtub with a fully-fledged shower. The clue is that the side of the bathtub opens almost to floor level. You can get in and out just like in a shower. The shower door made from glass opens inwards which is very practical.
When a tub is exchanged it is unavoidable that some tiles get broken or have to be removed. Instead of calling the tile layer though, the plumber can now redecorate your bathroom refuge himself – with the new ARTWALL elements from Artweger. They are adhered directly onto existing tiles or other wall surfaces – safe and clean, fast and beautiful. All at once the wall re-emerges in deep Bordeaux, calming Sand or fresh Green. Instead of common tile grouting elegant aluminum profiles shine. To make things even more agreeable the same deco is available as tub skirt.
In this way a slightly aged bathroom can become the loveliest comfort zone in the whole house in a matter of a few hours.
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Full Installation and fitting service available on this product

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