La Fontana Floral by Artceram Sandro Meneghello, Marco Paolelli

Art_Ceran_Lafontana_Floral 2 Art_Ceram_Lafontana_Floral 1 Art_Ceram_Lafontana_Floral-

The floral decoration for La Fontana collection, designed by Marco Paolelli and Sandro Meneghello for Art Ceram. La Fontana is a plastic, self-supporting element distributing water and light, which also provides shelving, sinks, mirrors and containers. The description may be romantic but the technology is state of the art. Structural polymer for the column and container combining two mirrors and an indirect light source in this integrated system which provides all the functions of a bathroom in a simple wall to floor solution. The system includes four different sinks, two ceramic, two icetek, which can also be used without the column. The structure and the concept of La Fontana washbasin system is interpreted for the collection of toilets which includes back-to-wall and cantilevered toilets and bidets, as well as urinals for public areas. Two new washbasin one measuring 45 cm and the other 65 cm complete the collection following its mood.

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