Gas v Electric Underfloor Heating

Gas v Electric Underfloor Heating

Many people expect an electric underfloor heating system to come with astronomical running costs, and rule it out in favour of a gas powered central heating system or wet underfloor heating system. This article is intended to show you just how economical an electric underfloor heating can be and why, in most cases, it’s a more efficient and affordable form of heating.

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Installation costs and inconvenience

You should be able to install an electric underfloor heating system for as little as £200 – £300, depending on the size of the room, whereas a wet system in an average-sized house would cost around £5,000.

In most cases you will have to take up the floor to install a gas powered wet underfloor heating system, unless it’s going into a new build project. Electric underfloor heating can be laid directly under the floor covering, so is suitable for retro-fit applications and will only raise the floor level by a few milimetres. However, the pipes for a gas powered wet underfloor heating system may raise the floor by up to 2 inches which is not always feasible in a retrofit application.

Energy prices

According to independent energy watchdog Energywatch, since 2003, gas prices have risen by as much as 92%, while electricity prices have only increased by just 54% in the same period.

Energy Efficiency

Electric underfloor heating is more energy efficient as gas boilers waste energy by way of exhaust gases and high heat loss in the pipe work. Thermonet electric underfloor heating is 99% efficient at the point of use (when installed in a well insulated area and controlled by an economical heating schedule) which makes a difference to your energy bills.

Lifespan and maintenance

A typical gas boiler system has a lifespan of around 10 years according to industry estimates. These systems typically include valves, pumps, manifolds, circuit boards etc which can all go wrong and prove costly to maintain or replace. Thermonet electric underfloor heating has no moving parts and will typically last over 25 years, even longer if the floor covering is not changed. You can see why electric underfloor heating is becoming more popular, especially in renovation and new build projects.

Common misconceptions

Running a whole-house electrical heating system will be expensive compared to a gas central heating system

With gas fuel prices rising, the initial cost of installation, on-going maintenance costs and limited boiler lifespan, gas central heating systems are often a lot more expensive than you’d think. With an electric underfloor heating system you simply pay for your system and installation, and you can be reassured that your system is covered by our Lifetime Guarantee*.

The typical lifespan of an electric underfloor heating system is over 25 years, if the floor covering is not changed. The only extra cost you might incur is a replacement thermostat, which is minimal when compared with boiler servicing charges.

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