Keuco launch New Products for 2014

Keuco, in 2014, is launching some new products to complement their existing collections. Unique showering and bath solutions are being increased with yet more glass finishes for Me Time; our theme of mix and match is extending into Edition 11 and Royal 60; new trendy glass finishes are being unveiled for Edition 11 and finally more ingenious and functional items are introduced into the Keuco world of accessories.

MeTime Collection is enhanced by the introduction of 3 new glass finishes:

Keuco’s MeTime shower valves are unique, offering innovative design and technical know-how, integrating accessories and valves. The choice of glass finishes has now been extended to feature matt white, matt cashmere and a gloss cashmere – perfectly complementing our Edition 11, Royal Universe and Royal Reflex bathroom furniture.

Endless design possibilities – Mix & Match from Keuco:

Since the introduction of Keuco fine-fireclay ceramic basins we now offer a wide variety of options from cast-mineral to ceramic and seamless varicor washtops for the very discerning client. It is now possible to choose a ceramic basin from Edition 11 with a Royal 60 vanity unit, or one from Royal 60 to go with an Edition 11 vanity unit.

3 new glass finishes added to Edition 11 bathroom furniture:

When it comes to furniture in the bathroom, glass fronts are clearly the trend and with Royal Reflex, Royal Universe and of course Edition 11, Keuco has plenty to offer. Natural and light colours are very popular, leading us to introduce 3 new glass finishes in Edition 11. These are a matt white, matt cashmere and gloss cashmere finish. We will update sample boxes in showrooms, taking the total of front finishes available in Edition 11 to 15, including structured lacquers, real wood veneers and glass.

Useful and functional – new accessories :

They are often looked upon as the finishing touch, the embellishment of the bathroom theme. And yet, on closer inspection they are highly practical and, far from being an embellishment, they are fundamental to a fully functional bathroom environment.

From shower baskets to guest towel holders and free-standing WC-brush sets…’s all in the detail!

for more details call Aquarooms 020 8440 1106


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