Toto rimless toilets and Tornado Flush ‘superior’ to conventional toilets, says research

Research has revealed that Toto’s CF toilet, which launches in the UK this month, offers superior hygiene levels compared with conventional toilets.

Environmental medical specialist Dr Klaus-Dieter Zastrow conducted tests on Toto’s CF CW132Y toilet with VC130 seat, along with the NC series CW762Y toilet, to evaluate the hygiene levels of rimless toilets compared with conventional WCs. The research looked at the level of cleanliness after flushing, the antibacterial effect of ceramic surfaces, and the tolerance of cleaning and disinfection products.

The Toto toilets tested have a rimless design and include the Tornado Flush, which the Japanese bathroom manufacturer said has a ‘strong downward suction, preventing any spray or mist from forming’.

The report concluded that the Toto toilets were ‘superior to the conventional toilet with rim and flush’. It said that when equipped with the Tornado Flush, the rimless toilets protected against the spread of intestinal germs, adding: ‘The Toto rimless CW762Y and CW132Y toilets completely meet the standards of hospital hygiene and infection prevention’.

When the conventional toilet was tested, applied microorganisms were found on the floor underneath it, as well as in nearby areas, while spray droplets were also visible. The research team did not detect any spray droplets or test germs when evaluating the hygiene levels of the Toto toilets.

The company said the “outstanding quality and high standards of hygiene” in its toilets can reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. article. 27th May 2014, 04:30pm

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