World-renowned, award-winning designer Dick Powell is the visionary behind Dea, the new range of bathroom ceramics

World-renowned, award-winning designer Dick Powell is the visionary behind Dea, the new luxury range of bathroom ceramics and furniture. Design innovation, he believes, is all about making life better. When it came to reinventing the modern bathroom, Powell’s objective was to create a more human, ‘emotionally satisfying’ environment. In moving on from the last decade’s trend for angular, minimalist bathrooms to Dea’s softer, more flowing look and feel, he is offering an even more pleasurable experience. His inspiration? You. What matters about design, he says, is ‘how someone feels when they interact with it’ – what he calls the ‘emotional ergonomics’. For a bathroom to make the user feel truly pampered, style must be matched by performance. Dea’s forward-looking, sensuous design delivers the ideal combination of premium quality and aesthetics, total comfort and exceptional functionality. Powell has left no detail to chance. From materials to technology, sophisticated ceramics to clever storage, every element has been carefully thought through for maximum elegance and ease of use.

Your bathroom is your most personal space. It’s the sanctuary you seek when you need to refresh, revive or relax. We believe that you should always emerge with a feeling of physical and emotional wellbeing. Recent design trends have accustomed us to a cool, angular aesthetic in the home – but the future is warmer and softer. It’s time to put the emotion back into our surroundings. Curved yet controlled, inviting yet elegantly poised, Dea’s beautiful lines offer a perfect balance of chic, high-end design and pure pleasure. Choosing and using your Dea bathroom is a holistic experience, as every element works with you and for you to create an atmosphere of complete serenity.



Real beauty isn’t skin deep. Dea’s high style is matched by the high performance of every piece

When you fall for Dea’s sophisticated, soft styling, you can trust that every aspect of every piece has been carefully considered to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. The Dea range reflects how you like to function. Body-friendly rounded corners and slim rims; integrated ambient lighting; a Bluetooth sound system built in to mirrors; ingenious, spacious storage options to organise your basin area: it all adds up to an easy, uncluttered space with an air of calm indulgence.



If you’re a connoisseur of contemporary design, use sculptural showpieces from the Dea range to emphasise the high-end, cutting-edge chic of your bathroom

Every soft-edged, harmonious piece in the Dea range is a contemporary design classic, but this dramatically tall totem basin deserves iconic status. Cast all in one piece, it creates a striking focal point that proclaims your appreciation of innovative modern design. Dea may be a work of art, but it’s not just for staring at: it’s a pleasure to use too. Our basins are conveniently deep as well as decorative, and their generous decks allow ample space for your brush, bottles and other accessories. Beauty with brains: that’s our definition of pure, uncompromising luxury.

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