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Toilets of the World video published 27.06.11

Pulbished: 11.06.11:   animation 3D plumbers story have plumbers got a sense of humour?

Stories :

Coincident or What!!

Back in the days before mobile phones where the size of a house, the company I worked for used a pager system. This meant very time my bleeper went off I had to phone the office to find out where my next job was. So I rang the office and was given my next job in Cockfosters, Herts, address was given with land mark skip out side.  Simple job the builders had taken out the wall between the front and back room and need the radiator and pipes removed and caped off. On arrive at the address I was met by some puzzled builders at the house and explained why I was there, No problem follow me your not our normal plumber he said. Sure enough the wall was down and hanging in mid air the radiator. I carried on and completed the job, as I was about to put the Rad in the skip bleeper went off so I phoned the office. To which I got where are you?, the builders are waiting!! I am at the job it’s finished. She asked which number house are you? Yes you guessed it they had given me the wrong house number which was two doors up with the builders waiting.

Two new roofs for the price of one!!

A friend of mine worked for at roofing company and sent to rip off a front roof and replace it. The skip arrived at the same time as them at the address; they put up the ladders and knocked on the door. The customer was out! they were told she might be walking the dog so began work. It does not take long to remove the tiles from the roof and he was happily throwing the tiles from the roof into the skip when a lady shouted up excuse me your company is meant to be starting my roof next door today any idea when they will be here?

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