Artweger Twinline2   garantiepartner-en

the best of both Worlds   . 

Artweger eliminates the need to choose between an easy access shower or a bath – now you can have both.


Artweger Twinline 2

Available in three bath sizes to suit your room. The Twin line 2 can fit into the smallest bathroom giving you the benefit of a long hot soak or an invigorating shower without the difficulty of gaining access. The bath can be set to create a minimal 55mm step height.

With a low threshold and a one piece inward opening door you can access the bathing area in one simple step. The floor is flat and has an anti slip finish.
For your added safety a specially designed all in one waste, filler and door locking mechanism is fitted as standard. This stops the taps being turned on if the door is not locked and the waste will not drop down if the shower is turned on.

Twinline 2 is available with various side panel options. We have the luxurious and contempary coloured glass, simple white acrylic or a panel that you can tile to your design.

Innovative right from the start

Ever since Anton Artweger established the enterprise in 1923 the will to continually bring forth useful, practical novelties has been a driving force behind the company. It all started with the wooden clothes peg. In 1953 this was followed by the legendary wall-mounted Ruck-Zuck clothes rack with its concertina mechanism. In 1975 Artweger opened up a fully new market with the first shower screen which ensured the company a secure position in Austrian bathrooms. Nowadays Artweger is a premium brand for high quality shower screens and a specialist in customized solutions.
In 2006 Artweger launched the TWINLINE onto the market, the first combination of a full-fledged shower and comfortable bathtub. A few years later Artweger created a new benchmark for steam showers with the Body + Soul and was then playing in the premier league of design.


TWINLINE 2, 180 cm, entry height 5.5 cm introduced a distinctive novelty to the market with the development of the TWINLINE. It is the first combination of a full-fledged shower and a comfortable bathtub. On one side of the bathtub the door opens almost down to floor level so that one can easily get in just like in a shower tray. A full glass shower door closes the bathtub tightly and offers protections from splashing water when showering. It is a fully new product category for which Artweger has received numerous awards and consumer prizes and which is exported throughout Europe.

TWINLINE 2, 170 cm, glass skirt in anthracite



The TWINLINE 2 not only convinces with its compact design, it is also extremely adaptable with its variations and therefore creates enough room for a fully-fledged shower and bath in one, even in the smallest bathrooms. Thanks to its mechanical closure system and the straight bathtub shape the TWINLINE 2 is particularly suitable for quickly replacing an old bath.

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